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Fusion Recreational Player Registration Fall 2018


Welcome To Your Fusion Recreational Player Registration Fall 2018!

Hello Soccer Fans!

"This is Fusion Recreational Soccer"

We highly recommend that you read this "Welcome" page in its entirety BEFORE moving on to the registration process. 

At a glance it looks a little long.... but really should cover what you need to know BEFORE you proceed into the actual registration 

The Fusion Recreational Soccer program is similar to the former recreational division of the National Fusion Soccer Club- originally New Territory Fusion Soccer Club-NTFSC. Currently, the Fusion Recreational Soccer Program is structured and classified as community recreational program only, there is not a competitive division, which is slightly different from the former NTFSC.

Please read the basic guidelines of the program within the important information provided below. We suggest thoroughly navigating all the tabs on the website as well, to gather further details regarding the Fusion Recreational Soccer Program. ( including the "coaches corner" tab).

Prior to advancing from this "Welcome" page you should confirm the dates and activities that will be associated with the preset 8 weeks of practices and games, to ensure what is being offered will work for your family. The season's schedule is preset and posted to the website @ (However, keep in mind it may possibly be effected by the need to reschedule, postpone or cancel due to rain-outs or other restrictions etc.)

When you feel like you clearly understand what registering your player entails you may move ahead to filling out the registration and will be prompted to set up an account for your player. Whatever e-mail account you choose to attach and set up your Sport's Ngin account with, will be the account that receives all communications regarding the Program for the entire season. Please read the consent form carefully and when you agree to the terms, structure and fees associated with participation in this recreational soccer program it will except your registrant and then send you a confirmation email to the email address you have connected to the account you set up at the time of registration. To proceed to the registration form for this season of Fusion Recreational Soccer, please scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the "click here" button and from there you will enter the actual registration session to get started with the process of getting you all set up in the system and registered to play soccer with us! Please keep in mind your previous username and password are not attached to a new season, once you set up a new registration for this season, you will want to preferable just stay logged in, don't hit the "log out" option. That way you can simply click on the "player" or "adult" registration link at: and be right into "your" account. For "you", if you are volunteering to coach as well - please also fill out an "adult" registration - there is a prompt within this player's registration that will link you in a separate database (there are 2 totally different links/databases- one for players and one inside the players' registration that opens a new page to fill out for the separate volunteering-adult link/database) for team formations or it will also give access to each account directly - "your player's registration account" (if you are not a coach) basically attaches to "the" current season's account information. 

Please also note, BEFORE you register for Fusion Recreational this season, take into consideration this is a community based recreational soccer program, availability, type of experience expected and success is directly dictated by the participants and the communities that are supporting them.

All our coaches are volunteers and the mantra is to have fun!

Fusion is not a "drop-off" program, it is a family affair. Also, you are the one that knows your player best, if you are hesitant for any reason, please don't register. This is a program that is only as good as the support it gets from the individuals that chose to join. In addition, there are limited spots available and as a result, once you register there may be other players turned away if a team is full at the time of team formations. Also, there are initial costs that are taken right off the top of the one-time registration fee that will come out immediately from the registration to make sure the program runs smoothly. As a result, cancellations and refunds become very complicated and are not an option that is encouraged. It would be best not to register to begin with, rather than have to pay for processing fees, t-shirts, trophies etc., that you will not be able to take full advantage of or potentially cost someone else the opportunity to get assigned or even to get to play. Again, please look over the calendar: and discuss what joining a team based out door program means with your players and other guardians, so you can feel 100% comfortable with your decision before registering, that way everyone will be happy, happy!

Remember your registration is not "complete" and released to be assigned to a team until you receive a receipt to the email address you provide with your registration - the email address that you register your player with will be the source for most all communications regarding program information from your coach, as well as the director

If you are new to our program or you'd just would like a little overview first

- Here's the 411:

Fusion is recreational soccer, we support a positive introduction and association with the game, while encouraging a fun social sport's opportunity for youth players and their families

The program is available to players from 3 years thru 8 years old, based on a given child's birth date, they will be in an age group that will be titled U4, U5, U6 or U7/U8, the "U" stands for that age and "under" based on the age chart at time of registration. In the past, the age chart has coincided with most of the school districts in the area and formerly followed HYSA age chart guidelines, but changes from the "year of birth" chart are being implemented thus always confirm through the current posted chart at the time of your registration as it will be updated on the website for each current season since we have two seasons and some clubs will just do yearly updates and some will do seasonal. Players in U4, U5 and U6 play on co-ed teams and U7 & U8 combine to play boy and girl teams. A player may be pulled up to an older age group with parental consent, however, it is not our practice to place a player down in a younger age group. 

When referring to the "Program" this always means the Fusion Recreational Soccer organization and covers any of it's associates, including, but not limited to property holders, vendors and employees. The Program reserves the right to refuse a request for registration or release a registrant (player/adult/volunteer) based on any actions that goes against the terms and conditions as outlined on the registration form or that contradicts any instructions that have been conveyed by the director of the Program. (example: Entering any school building that has extend property privileges to the Program, for any reason when representing Fusion Recreational Soccer - is not acceptable to most of the schools, and is not specifically addressed in the consent form, but is conveyed clearly to the coaches and posted on the website, so it is expected to be adhered to) If you are asked to leave the Program for a violation of the consent you agreed to when registering, you will forfeit any investment you have in the Program.

 Your player will be provided a game shirt, trophy/medal and a season close celebration. Each player will need to purchase their own size #3 soccer ball, rubber soled shoes, shin guards, soccer socks and black shorts. 

All games will be played in Greatwood - practices are held at Dickinson elementary from 6-7pm on 1 of the 5 fields by age assignment on one of the five days of week. We must have a full team in your child's age group with a coach and property permission to open that location. The current field assignments support a 6-7pm practice slot only, one time a week for each team and is dictated first by coach availability and then player registrations, age groupings and team assignments. (restrictions to the day of the week your player can make a practice should please be clearly included when filling out the following pages of this registration)

Our coaches are volunteers and we are extremely grateful to them for their time and efforts. We are community based and as with most recreational programs we rely on the support of the team as a whole to communicate and facilitate the season's success. 

We have two season's each year, one in spring and one in fall. Each season is coordinated based on the number of registrations, specific requests and restrictions or availability for that given season. We welcome any information you may want considered during team formations and encourage you to please indicate this in the "comments" section of your player's registration, as each new season will/can be accessed based on that season's information only. For example, each age group has a different classification, so if you we're on the Eagles last season, you do not just get placed on the Eagles again the next season, it is a whole new set of circumstances, so the teams form from brand new and then all the information gathered from that current season's registrations will be what is applied and what will be considered when forming that fall or spring season's set of teams. We attempt to make the best possible fit for all our coaches and your players each season and although this is obviously based solely on what's available, we do try very, very hard to factor in all specific requests written within each registration, to best accommodate all participants and their situations.   

Practices are held one day of the week, for one hour from 6-7pm and are totally determined by field availability, coach assignments and coach/player requests etc. Games are normally all on Saturday mornings (unless there are Byes), and the season is slotted for 8 weeks of games. There are no time guarantees beyond the preset calendar for the current season and it is also effected by coach assignments, some teams may have a slightly different offering based on their coach/team assignment and could possibly have more or less make-up games due to their/coaches/teams’ schedules. Examples of this, could be if the situation changes due to weather and/or field conditions some rain-outs may occur and can be rescheduled during practice times during the week by the coaches in charge of the teams that are effected or there may be a "bye" (no game) for one of those weeks because there is not a team to play that day, but that only happens when there are an uneven number of teams in a given age group, which would result in less games or practices. The game slot for each team/age group will vary between three preset times of either: 8:30, 9:45 or 11:00 am, the times are also dictated by number of teams in an age group, field availability, multi-coach considerations etc. Game slots are every 1 hour 15 minutes, 15 minutes is to get on and off the field and warm-up. All teams are asked to stay on time within their time slot and clean-up when leaving. U4’s and U5’s a typically have 8 minute (4) quarters with a half time and U6-U8 have 10 minute (4) quarters with a shorter half time within the hour game slot. Coaches may implement a few minutes between quarters to have a drink and sub out - navigating the minutes in between should be whatever works best for both teams as long as there are 4 quarters and each should match the age grouping above and either be 8 or 10 minutes in length with a half time and quarter breaks included which do not exceed the one hour total game time slot. U4’s normally play 3v3, U5-U6 normally play 4v4, U7/U8 normally play 5v5. However, all teams in all age groups may need/want to play 5v5 due to team sizes and/or coaches preference, but most will prefer to sub or rotate the line-up after every quarter or half when teams are full. Score is not officially kept, there are no goalies and the coaches are the refs. Coaches are encouraged to kept the play moving (forward), there can be defenders, but those defenders can not stand directly in front of the goal or be planted in one spot and are to remain outside the goal circle/arc as to not just block the goal, everyone should be working on all other positions EXCEPT goalie. All players should receive equal playing time during games with a fair rotation and different starters each week. All coaches are encouraged to work together for the most enjoyable game experience possible as well as work to match up players with similar skill sets. U4’s and U5’s at the end of the game can do penalty goals if time allows. Coaches are also encouraged to communicate with each other and with all their players and guardians. The supportive enthusiastic parents/adults/guardians/all participants are also encouraged to be part of the positive environment, to ensure everyone enjoys their experience. 

All games should end with the kids going through the "good game" tunnel and/or a team cheer!

The calendar has the entire season outlined at and the practice schedule, game scheduler and coaches' list all have tabs on the website under the drop down "recreational" under programs and will all be posted to their tabs on the website at as soon as they are completed.

You are welcome to email me - Jennifer Cutler - your friendly Fusion recreational director at  or you can always give me a call, I'm your go to for the what's-what and glad to help with any other questions you have regarding Fusion Recreational Soccer!

We’re super excited about soccer and hope you'll join us!